Powershell Function to Get Sizes of All Databases on an Instance

Below is a function that I modified from one in Idera’s SQL Server Powershell Scripts toolset:

#Function to get sizes of all DB's hosted on an instance
Function Get-SQLDBSizes
	param (
		[string]$InstaceName = "$(Read-Host 'Please use format ServerName(IPAddress)\InstanceName' [e.g.\instance])"

	begin {
	process {
		try {
			Write-Verbose "Connect to SQL Server using IP address, instance and Windows authentication..."

			$dbs = @()

			Write-Verbose "Creating SMO Server object..."
			$smoServer = new-object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server $InstaceName

			# Use Windows Authentication by setting LoginSecure to TRUE
			Write-Verbose "Setting Windows Authentication mode..."

			# Output object that contains a of the databases
			foreach ($Database in $smoServer.Databases) {
				$db = New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{
					'DBOwner' = $Database.Owner
					'DBName' = $Database.Name
					'DBSize(MB)' = "{0:N0}" -f $Database.Size
				$dbs += $db
			Write-Output $dbs | Format-Table -AutoSize
		catch [Exception] {
			Write-Error $Error[0]
			$err = $_.Exception
			while ( $err.InnerException ) {
				$err = $err.InnerException
				Write-Output $err.Message
}#End of function

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