How to Copy Scripts Away

It just struck on me the other day when I tried to copy one of my posted scripts away and past in a Notepad++ window, I saw all the line feed/carriage return formats were completely gone. And considering WordPress won’t be THAT stupid to not let scripts to be shared in an easier manner, I tried to double-click the code section in the post and the whole text was selected with all line numbers disappeared and subsequent Ctrl C plus Ctrl V operations proved to be successful without losing any LF/CR’s. So if you are trying to copy scripts for your personal use (risks for yourself to take as well :), better NOT run them first on a PROD box), please follow the below steps:

1. double click on the code section in the post
2. Ctrl C and Ctrl V to your own editor
3. save your file to whatever file format that comes in handy for yourself



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